SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of bringing site on higher ranking in search results by means of organic methods

To start an SEO, there is need of URL of a site, Keywords/ Terms; that you want to rank on search engines, location; where you want to target the searches, login details of site; for off-page SEO activities

Cost depends on number of keywords you want to rank, time frame of SEO, and targeted locations.

Yes. A SEO optimized site (design & development as per the SEO strategy and guidelines) ranks better than a normal site.

On the behalf of competition among the keywords on the targeted location, atleast three months of time frame is required to see good results

No. There is no need of contract. You’re free to opt out of current plan or from our services.

It depends on the nature of business and target audience. Like a Motor Garage needs to optimize locally, while a Software Company needs to optimize globally.

When SEO is done by the means of ethical way and under the proper guidance of Search Engine Algorithms , it is called as White Hat or Organic SEO. And its vice versa is Inorganic/ Black Hat SEO.