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Jun 2019
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How Long Does Local SEO take?

Most of the time when anyone asked about the questions on SEO working, we are not giving them honest answers because it is quite hard to describe each and everything with all the variables. But we believe in fair practice and try to answer the questions on best possible way with full honesty. So that client can build a strong understanding about the local SEO.

Scenario 1: Website Slapped with a Manual Penalty

Google is a smart search engine and it have a keen eye on all your working. If it found any spamming content or link on your website then it will penalized your website. The unethical practice for promoting your websites some time impose the penalty which not only down the rank of your website but your website will disappear from the search engine. Black hat SEO is the worst for the websites, it may give you results for time while, but damage the image of your website for long term. Once your website is manual penalized then no one can tell you the right time of the removal of the penalty. It may take months or may be removed in hours so its totally on the work pattern of search engine and no one can assure you about the time of penalty removal.

Scenario 2: A Brand New Website

If you have a brand new website then it have its own pros and cons. Any brand new website have not any listing on any search engine so positioning of such website on the search engines is easy. There are no dead link problem with the brand new website which is boon for the listing. But with the new website every work have to start from the ground zero level which takes long time for results. With the brand new website no one can assure you about the timing of rank. If you take medium competitor keywords then there is possibility to rank your website in one month but with the strong competitor keywords its may take 3 to 4 months for appearing on first page. Working on brand new websites are easy but hard to set the time frame for its top rank on search engine.

Scenario 3: Clients Who Have Seen No Improvements at Another Company

If you have already SEO services for your website but not get satisfied results, then no problem we have solution for your problem. SEO is a complicated process and a single wrong action can lower down your rank and stop improvement in ranking. When any of client come to us we firstly try to find out the problem areas and then start working. Some times excess of landing pages and wrong keywords can stop improvement in your rank. Our priority is to remove excess landing pages and target with right key words. The over all process may take 3­6 months times, depending upon the condition of website.

How long does local optimization take? is a broad question which have not any uniform answer. It depends on so many factors depending upon the individual requirements and website needs. If you have any questions regarding this post and looking for the answer then for what you are waiting? Give us a ping our we are always happy to hear you and try our level best to answer all your quarries.

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