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Do You Want More Traffic?

Every business — big or small — is vying for some search clout, so they can push more organic traffic to their website and ramp up their sales and revenue.

This is not anything new. We all knew about that already.


With a dizzying array of e-marketing strategies and practices that [claim] to bring more traffic to your website, how do you find the right one for you? Where do you invest your valuable time, effort, and of course, money? 

Let’s take a look at SEO for organic traffic, for example.

Did you know that Google uses well over 200 variables in its algorithm to rank websites, including some seemingly abstract concepts such as social signals, user interaction, and trust?

If we are being honest, it is pretty much like herding cats to get all those ranking variables right. As a matter of fact, even we do not exclusively focus on hitting all 200… But we are still in a position to deliver impressive results as we have figured out a set of tactics that moves the needle.

Case In Point

The following Google Analytics reports demonstrate the traffic status of our client’s site before and after we started working on their SEO to get organic traffic.



In only one year:

  • The number of monthly users went from 2,756 to 3,596 — a jump of more than 76%.
  • New users shot up from 2,552 to 3,432, an overall gain of about 74%.
  • Total page hits saw a surge of more than 40% as they rose from 8,142 to 20,090.
  • The bounce rate fell from 61.54% to a mere 1.27%.

As you can see from these two screen grabs, we boosted the traffic on the website by a substantial margin in just one year… and we managed to do this without spending a single dollar on advertising.

Think that’s impressive?

Then take a look at how many of these visitors came from organic search:

That’s 1,919 users — 69.03% of all visitors to the site in one month came directly through our search optimization efforts!

Not only were we able to grow our client’s site traffic with our SEO strategies, but we were able to retain a pretty sizable chunk of that traffic as well:

Even in the most competitive industries, we are able to find a unique advantage to help our clients and win the “Game of [Search] Thrones”… and we have delivered the same results as shown in the screenshots above for tons of companies.

Do you want to cash in on our SEO skills to drive more qualified traffic to your online business?

Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1


Break the ice.

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You’ll see a couple of simple questions that you have to answer about your business. Nothing too crazy — we just need some basic information about your business (your products/services, long-term goals, and challenges, among other things.) That way, we can be in a better position to understand your current situation before we talk and get on with business. Make sure all of your answers are as accurate as possible, especially your contact information, so we can easily reach out to you.

Step 2



After you have submitted the questionnaire, one of our SEO experts will get in touch with you via mail to learn more about your business (usually within 24 business hours) so that we can discuss exactly how to grow your website. During our talk, we will brainstorm together to figure out exactly what your business needs to rise to the top and how to make it a reality.

Step 3


Make a call

After our talk, if you can see the value of partnering with us, we’ll start working towards building your online presence ASAP.  On the other hand, if you don’t want to give it a go this time, that’s all right too. In either case, you get some SEO expert advice from us, which will help you generate more leads and revenue — and helping our clients grow as a business is what we’re all about.

At the end of the day, our SEO services are for business owners who take action and know a successful opportunity when they see one. If that’s you, today’s is the day you rise up and take your business to new heights.

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