SEO Process

100% White Hat and Refined SEO Process to Maximize Online Growth

At SEORecyclers, we have a team of seasoned SEO experts. So, you can rest assured, our SEO process is well-structured, 100% ethical and refined to gain quality online traffic, conversions and revenue.

Step-1 Setting Up Your Digital Goals

No one knows your business, target market, industry, competitors and customers better than you. To devise and implement a successful SEO campaign we need to pull as much information as possible because all our efforts will be of no use if they are not aligned to your marketing goals. We will work with you to understand your business goals, expectations and opportunities to help you plan a strategy that will take you one step closer to your business goals

Step-2 Website Health Audits & Consultancy

It is impossible to get your website great search engine rankings when it has many technical and cosmetic issues. This is where our website health audits and consultancy will help you. We will start with the audit of your website, finding the current appropriateness of the website when it comes to the SEO standard. At this stage, we will find out all technical and cosmetic issues with your website that could be hampering its performance and reducing its overall accessibility for the users and search engines.

Step-3 Competitive Analysis

To find out what your digital competitors are doing is critical for your marketing success. We will know more about your competitors, rivalry present in your industry, what they are doing to be successful, and the link building opportunities that can be created for your website. The competitor analysis will help us to have a great plan to compete with them in the market.

Step-4 Market Analysis & Keyword Research

We keep abreast with what’s happening in different target markets. Our expertise lies in deep market analysis and keyword planning. We will dig out the most suitable keywords relevant to your target market making sure the SEO campaign we run for you meets your marketing goals.

Step-5 Technical Optimization

It is important to optimize your website for technical elements search engines use to access, crawl and index your website. We will address all the technical factors that influence your SEO performance. We can work with your web developers to provide you turnkey technical optimization. If you want, we can also fix the technical issues on your website as we have a team of experienced web developers working with us.

Step-6 Engaging and Optimized Copywriting

Once we have fixed all technical and cosmetic errors and your website is all set for the race, we will concentrate on the content marketing strategy. Engaging and optimized copywriting is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. It opens up great opportunities for driving users to your website, compel them to stay longer on your website and induce them to next call to action. We will create high-quality content and optimize them to help you build authority, relevance and trust.

Step-7 Industry Specific Backlink creation

Link building creation specific to your industry is important as they help in ranking your website on search engines. Quality backlinks will help in generating organic traffic on your website and gain more online visibility. In simple words, they are endorsements for your website.

Step-8 Transparent Reporting

Our periodic SEO reports are more than just numbers. They are an in-depth analysis of your website health and performance. We will provide you a detailed and easy-to-understand summary of all the SEO activities we performed to bring improvement in your rankings. Each month, we will revisit our work and make adjustments if required to help you climb on top search engine ranking positions.