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E-commerce SEO Services

If you run an online store, how do you make sure that you’re ‘sold out’ all the time?

E-commerce SEO is much different from the SEO for generic websites. A well-designed and calibrated approach is required as e-commerce SEO has many technical issues that normally do not arise with other generic websites. With effective product content optimization for your products in your e-commerce store, you will find a great change in your search and conversion rate For example – how to handle layered content, duplicate web content, crawling issues, sorting issues and more. At SEORecyclers, we have vast knowledge and experience to handle e-commerce websites. Our e-commerce SEO services are especially designed including all the elements that will help you naturally increase your sales and reach an exponentially larger group of customers.

Our E-commerce SEO approach

Rise to the apex and win at E-commerce with our E-commerce SEO services

Catogory based Keyword suggestion

We will learn your categories, products and services as this will help us in formulating a robust SEO campaign for your e-commerce website. Our SEO analyst will create a list of most sought optimum keywords for your specific product category pages. This will benefit your other products that belong to that specific category by default. We know if you are selling online, we need to suggest you the best keywords.

Product Schema & Structure Data Markup

Schema & Structure Data Markup is important for e-commerce stores. It helps search engines in understanding the content and use of the particular products. For example, if a page is selling a lipstick, structure data will help users know that this particular page is selling lipstick. Also, it will help in making the page more prominent for the targeted audience.

Site Architecture recommendations

Site architecture plays a vital role in search engine optimization, Basically, your website’s navigation and URL hierarchy are two most important factors in determining whether your website can rank for the relevant highly competitive keyword phrases or not. We recommend you to fix issues that will prevent your website from performing better on search engine rankings. As your online store will have a lot of pages, so we will do our best to make sure users can easily navigate from one page to another. It is important your e-commerce store is simple because if website is simple to operate, your will have recurring customers.

Pagination tag optimization

Pagination is all about how your website deals with the content or the product lists that do not fit well on the customers screen. For example, if your store sells 300 products in one category, pagination will break the list in small parts showing 10 pages with 30 items each. It provides canonical solutions making sure your pages get the most e-commerce SEO value.

Content Marketing and product Link Building

Our SEO experts are well-equipped to create maximum visibility of your website by building ethical links as per the Google algorithms. We will create and distribute meaningful content and social signals for your products as backlinks from content marketing play a crucial role in keyword ranking. We will create content for off page activities that will help in promoting and selling your products. And, this will help you in generating more revenue.

Conversation Rate Optimization

CRO can have significant benefits for your SEO campaign. It can help you identify your targeted audience and determine what’s most suitable to their needs. It can also result in enhanced scalability, improved user experience and help you more trust-worthy. This way, CRO can lead to a better ROI for your e-commerce store. Our analytics-based and people-focused CRO service can help as we know where and what to optimize and who to optimize for.