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Global SEO Services

How do you make the online presence of your large-scale business reach the global levels?

Although global SEO may seem like a foreign concept to you, you’re most likely familiar with it on some level. Think of it as geo-targeting, but instead of optimizing your online business so that it could be publicized and popularized in the local population, you’re targeting prospects (and search engines) in different countries and languages. For example: If your business is located in Los Angeles, United States and you wish to grow your website traffic and business opportunities in Paris, France, you may perform SEO strategies to improve rankings in ‘Voila’, the dominant search engine of France. Our professional global SEO services can help your business come under search engine listings in the country you are targeting so you that you can easily grow your global brand awareness and sales.

Global SEO Approach

Global SEO is the most vital component for businesses looking to target diverse markets globally.

Multilingual keyword research &Technical audit

We will do an in-depth audit of your website and give you a checklist of all the essential SEO parameters that could be improved on your website such as crawlability, indexation, rankings, content, code, speed, mobile-friendliness, analytics and more. We will also find the words and phrases in different languages that get the interest of your targeted audience, earn their trust and motivate them as you move through the online sales process and switch these visitors into purchasers, inquiries or sign-ups.


In order to keep your site focused on area specific customers, you are going to need to direct your advertising efforts in a specific geographical location through geo-targeting. We will utilize hreflang tags on your website to allow readers to land on content pages that have been translated into their language, including content presented in certain dialects or with regional variations in language. We can implement hreflang tags in different languages like en (English), de (German) and fr (French) and with regional variations like en-us (US English), en-gb (UK English), de-at (Austrian German) and de-ch (Swiss German).

Link Building for Dominant Engine

Google doesn’t exactly rule the entire world of search. While it’s still the number #1 engine internationally, local engines such as Voila in France, Ansearch in Australia, or Yandex in Russia are very popular. We understand the algorithms of every dominant search engine in different parts of the world, so we can help you target a certain local audience effectively with quality link building.

URL structures for international sites

URLs optimized for language and region can be an instrumental factor in the success of an online business in another country. We can help you select the best URL structures to target a particular country. For example, whether your website should have a Country code top-level domain (ccTLD) like yourcompany.uk or be organized by regional/linguistic content by subdirectories (yourcompany.com/uk/) or sub-domains (uk.yourcompany.com).

International content marketing

The best way to have a strong online presence in another country’s search results is through content ‘localization’. This is the process of translating content and ensuring that its readability is perfect and checked against local customs, cultural differences and preferences. We produce content for blogs, news pages, services pages, product pages and 3rd party sites such as blogs and online news sites that will dramatically increase your chances of getting noticed by members of the target market abroad.